DTS Monaco 8.14 Installation. Activation.

DTS Monaco 8.14 Installation. Activation.

To install the software DTS Monaco 8.14: 

  1. Download the installation distribution DTS Monaco 8.14 link.
  2. Install software.

To activation DTS Monaco 8.14:

  1. Apply the patch.
  2. Run the program. See message: 
  3. Press Сtrl+С. Create a text document. Paste into a text document (Сtrl+V).
  4. Send HW-ID to email:  sdtech2004@gmail.com
  5. In the response letter you will get 5 files that need to be inserted into the bin folder C:\Program Files “(x86)”\Softing\Diagnostic Tool Set 8\8.14\bin.
  6. Run software.