SD Connect (Star Diagnosis C4) clear serial number. “Shutdown”. Dealer diagnostic scanner Mercedes. “Type 2”

Automotive scanner SD Connect C4 is the dealer multiplexer diagnostic system Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4.

The multiplexer has a white serial number and Shutdown mode.

The multiplexers Mercedes SD Connect C4 of both types (“Type 1” and “Type 2”) have the class “Full chip A+++” according to the classification of Chinese manufacturers.

Description and basic characteristics refer to the post Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4 Type 1.

Multiplexer “Type 2” has some differences from the multiplexer “Type 1”:

– the circuitry of circuit Board (see photo);

– circuit boards made using lead-free solder;

– without improvement of the power supply circuit has a smaller current consumption from the battery in sleep mode, standby — 10mA;

– in the presence of interference or overload WiFi channels provides a more stable Wi-Fi connection;

Functional differences multiplexers Type 1 and Type 2 have not been identified.



The second type multiplexers (Type2), without modification of the diagram of power in standby mode have less current consumption (10 mA) in comparison with the multiplexers of the first type “Type 1” (60 mA). But in this quiescent current standby internal rechargeable batteries, subject to full pre-charge and low rate of wear and tear, runs down to a minimum level in 7 — 9 days. Therefore, as in the multiplexers SDConnect of the first type, for easy operation and to prevent discharge of internal batteries during long-term (without use) storage available, “Type 2” is executed the completion of the power diagram. Instead of “Standby mode” installed full power off “Shutdown”. Refinement diagram is made without the installation of additional switches or any other violations of the integrity of the hull. Power off of the device either regular buttons display panel, or automatically after ten minutes, as well as the switching of the multiplexer in standby mode before rework the power circuit. Subsequent activation occurs when an external voltage (connection to the vehicle diagnostic connector). To enable the multiplexer is quite short (0.1 s) pulse of external voltage, and then connect internal batteries.