Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell. XDOS. Mercedes software installation.

Installation Xentry OpenShell. XDOS (Diagnostic Xentry OpenShell).

Diagnostic software Mercedes Xentry OpenShell Diagnostaic (XDOS) works under the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32/64 bit.

Functional difference the XDOS from Xentry/DAS which running with Windows XP, is the absence in the XDOS app HHT, intended to diagnose old models of Mercedes (approximately 2002 — 2004.). Integration of the application in HHT AT DAS is optional and only 32-bit operating system. Otherwise, the functional differences are absent.

The process of the installation of Xentry OpenShell usually does not cause any difficulties. Unlike DAS/Xentry working under Windows XP operating system, to be installed Xentry OpenShell does not require any preparation steps, such as a hard drive breakdown, the application of Windows patches, enter license keys and so on.

The only and main problem with the installation of XDOS is the activation of the program. Program to save the license keys after installation, requires probatiune. Otherwise the keys will not be accepted.

In order to install Xentry OpenShell:

  1. The size of the C drive at least 80 GB (the program is installed on drive C without choice directory). To install the WIS and EPC programs will require 70GB of free space on either the C drive or on a separate disk.
  2. Operating system installed Windows 7,8,10 32 bit or 64 bit, full version (not Lite is a stripped down, Easy, etc.)


  • Mounted image of the installation package into a virtual drive and run the file “start.exe”.
  • In all Windows press “next”, “accept”, and so on.
  • The installation process lasts approximately 3 hours. At the end confirm the completion of installation, the system reboots.
  • Installing Addons (Addonce) is performed automatically when there is Internet connection.

Launch apps such as the Star Key Center (enter key), Administration (configuration of the multiplexer), etc., is done through the menu “start”.

To enter license keys, the use of special patches or manual edits of the program. Or new keygen.