Mercedes Star Diagnosis C3 (MB Star C3). Scanner dealer Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis C3

is multiplexer of diagnostic complex Mercedes, known among specialists as Mercedes Star C3, MB Star C3, Star C3.

Scanner (multiplexer) is a diagnostic scanner Mercedes, absolute, full-featured copy of the original dealer diagnostic scanner (multiplexer) of concern Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis C3.

Scanner Star Diagnosis C3 works with the original diagnostic software Mercedes Xentry DAS.

The system provides full support for all procedures provided by the manufacturer, such as diagnostics, programming, coding, test all components, modules and assemblies, equipped with electronic control units of Mercedes vehicles.

Supports work with all versions of software DAS, up to 2016, without replacing the bin folder. The recommended (optimal) version Xentry / DAS 09.2014.

Scanner C3 Star has the following coverage lineup:

  • the entire range of passenger cars, including Smart;
  • a cargo vehicle;
  • commercial vehicles;
  • minivans, buses;
  • SUVs;
  • vehicles are especially purposes;
  • any industrial engines of Mercedes, Maybach since 1992 up to ≈ 2014.



  • all our instruments are factory after developed and tested to guarantee reliable operation of the equipment in the range of the on-Board voltage of 8 – 36 volts.
  • the multiplexer includes processor SIEMENS Germany. Relay NEC Japan.



If You opted for this device, it is important to bear in mind that 90% of Mercedes multiplexer Star Diagnosis C3 Chinese production can not withstand the voltage to 24V, that is not suitable for use with trucks and other units and units having on-Board voltage of 24V. The share of imported Chinese multiplexers that are really expected for the on-Board voltage of 24V, and the circuit does not require rework of about 10%. Common, not technically literate, dealers (including and dealers China), information about that red connector of the appliance guarantee its reliable work truck not true. Circuit performance of multiplexers with red connectors really has in the power supply circuit not much difference of the devices with the blue and black connectors. But this circuit the decision is made not correctly, and does not provide continuous operation of the device at a voltage of 24V. Hence the many cases of failure of multiplexers with red connectors, it would seem, adapted for 24V, when you try to connect to trucks. Color connectors, color relays, and all sorts of stickers on the body of the instrument are not the indicators of its quality, and do not guarantee its reliable operation when the voltage is over 16 Volts. Only the opening and analysis of circuit performance allow to draw a conclusion about the quality and the suitability of the device to work with trucks. All our devices undergo this procedure.

On all devices Mercedes Star C 3, passed after factory revision, guaranteed operating range of supply voltage 8 – 36V.

Star C3 scanner connects to a laptop via COM PORT. In the absence of the laptop with physical com port, it is possible to use USB-COM adapter. It is highly desirable to use a USB-com adapter of the FTDI chip. With other adapters often have problems, such as periodic loss of connection between the multiplexer and the computer, or complete lack of connection .

Functionality of the diagnostic system Star Diagnosis C3:

· diagnose all the electronic control units (ECU ECU) used vehicles Mercedes;
· reading, decoding, deletion of error codes (saved, present);
· display flow information in real time (the readings of all the sensors in real time);
· tests of Executive mechanisms;
· procedures of adaptation modules, blocks, nodes;
· procedures for coding of control units;
· modes of programming of control units;
· support step-by-step documentation of all phases of diagnostic procedures;

The set of multiplexer STAR Diagnosis C3 includes:

  • multiplexer Star C3;
  • cable connect multiplexer to computer via COM port;
  • the cable connecting the device to the car. Standard OBD-II 16 pin;
  • 38 pin cable for connection to cars Mercedes, are equipped with a 38 pin diagnostic connector;
  • cable connection to the vehicle 14 pin;
  • cable of type “Tulip” versatile with four single contacts;
  • adapter USB — COM FTDI chip for newer laptops that do not have physical com ports to date, obsolete (optional);
  • Laptop with installed package (optional)

Scanner Mercedes STAR DIAGNOSIS C3 support all modes of operation of dealer software (diagnostics, coding, programming, tests) provided by the manufacturer. You should consider to implement part of the functions necessary additional dealer support (additional keys, codes, passwords, etc). So for example is limited on Actros SCN coding, the removal of the limit of speed, power. Functional limitation is implemented at the software level and not as not related to the hardware of the multiplexer.

Scanner Mercedes Benz STAR C3 performs transcoding of units of the instrument panel of the car Mercedes produced for the American market to the standard system “C” (miles, Fahrenheit to kilometers, degrees Celsius, radio settings). Also have access to change the encoding control unit headlamp mode the use of xenon lamps.

Diagnostic software Mercedes.

Diagnostic software MERCEDS Xentry/DAS is multilingual, however, the old model Mercedes (up to about 2004 V.) diagnosed in the application of HHT included in the DAS. The application of HHT has English or German only. Some models are only available in German language, in particular beads, vans.
The section “information for developers”so-called “menu Engineering” has German language only.

Diagnostic software Mercedes has many special features. Some of which may only be available to authorized dealers.

Standard kit dealer software (SOFTWARE) consists of four programs:

Xentry (diagnosis)
DAS (diagnosis)
WIS (data on repair and electric circuits)
EPC (parts catalog)

The features of the software Mercedes :

Installing software XENTRY+DAS+WIS NET+EPC has considerable complexity and is a separate topic on various forums. This topic allotted a large amount of information and discussions on the Internet.

The purchase of diagnostic equipment Mercedes with a set of software, whether hard disk drive (HDD) or a set of DVD disks is not appropriate because first, the user installation package does not mean that he will be able to use it. Installation Mercedes software requires deep knowledge of computer and availability of a set of additional software patches to correct multiple errors that occur when installing the software. Hard disk with installed software, will require drivers to enter a license key, not to mention the fact that not always the system installed on the same laptop, it runs with the same HDD on another, even if the laptop is the same model. Just be aware that not all notebooks types and not on all operating systems you can set these diagnostic programs. The most suitable laptops are IBM/Lenovo and DELL. Secondly, the distribution of the programs or a hard disk image with the software installed are available in many torrent directories in the public domain, so to pay for the software when you purchase equipment it makes no sense.

Given the above, it is advisable to acquire a full diagnostic system Mercedes: multiplexer + laptop with software installed, Mercedes (Xentry DAS WIS EPC) that is guaranteed to allow the user to start working without any additional settings or equipment.