Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 housing. Full upgrade + Active cooling.

Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 case with active cooling + lithium batteries.

Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 housing adapted specifically for hot climates.

  • Full kit (main unit + 5 cables) – 700 USD.
  • Main unit only – 550 USD.

Multiplexer (from the factory) according to the classification of multiplexers of Chinese production, has the highest “A+++, full chip” quality class. The SDConnect multiplexer C4 that class quality is positioned on a popular shopping web sites as “Taiwan”. In fact, Taiwan does not produce such equipment.

After receipt from the manufacturer, as well as for multiplexers in the classic SD Connect case, our specialists perform several stages of improvement (Full upgrade):

  1. Unique white serial number firmware (guarantee against blocking)
  2. Setting the “shutdown” function – full power off (see video)
  3. Fix battery charging error “Insert / check batteries” ” batteries can not be charged»
  4. Replacing the stock (Chinese) WiFi NEC card to the original D-Link used in the original SDConnect multiplexers. The original D-Link card provides a much more stable Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Update the multiplexer with the latest firmware

Read more about the completion of Full upgrade in the material Star Diagnosis C4 (SD Connect)

In addition to the above improvements, for the body C5 is made:

  1. Installation of active cooling system. The system provides a continuous flow of air through the entire inner cavity of the body.
  2. Install lithium batteries instead of NiMh / NiCd batteries

Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 housing is identical to the classic multiplexer circuit design and equipment of five cables. It functionally completely repeats the classic version. Just like the classic SDConnect, it has a full disable feature, white serial number, firmware updated to the latest version. For a description of the functionality and shutdown mode, see Star Diagnosis C4.

The differences are in the presence of effective active cooling and the use of lithium batteries.


Specialists who have experience with SDConnect C4 in a classic case, known for its drawback as a significant heating during prolonged use. The lack of ventilation and the small internal volume of the body create conditions for significant heating of the device elements. This effect is especially noticeable in regions with a hot climate, where overheating of the device can lead to a decrease in its performance — “hanging”. In particularly hot conditions often have to resort to short-term (with pauses) mode of operation with the multiplexer SDConnect C4.

For regions with hot climates, the most suitable option for Mercedes diagnostics is the Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in the C5 body with active cooling.

The use of the SDConnect C5 case with the installed active cooling system completely eliminates the multiplexer from such a disadvantage as overheating. First, the C5 case has a much larger internal volume, which allows you to install a radiator with a large cooling surface area on the CPU (see photo). Secondly, the presence of two built-in fans and ventilation holes creates forced air circulation through the body of the device. Under such conditions, the temperature regime of the electronic components of the multiplexer remains far from critical, regardless of the duration of continuous operation.

Another positive difference between the SDConnect multiplexer in the classic case and the SDConnect C4 in the C5 case, in addition to the active cooling system, is the use of lithium batteries in the latter. The advantages of lithium-ion batteries in comparison with Nickel batteries include lower self-discharge, longer service life and higher specific capacity.