Mercedes SD Connect C4 multiplexer without cables. Full upgrade. Star Diagnosis C4 main unit.

Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4 main unit.

The presented multiplexer initially (from the factory) has the highest “AAA+, full chip” quality class according to the classification of multiplexers of Chinese production. C4 SDConnect multiplexers such class quality positioned on a popular shopping web sites as “Taiwan”. In fact, Taiwan does not produce such equipment.

After receipt from the manufacturer, our specialists perform several stages of improvement (upgrade).

After-factory revision “Full upgrade” includes :

  1. Unique white serial number firmware (lifetime warranty against blocking)
  2. Setting “shutdown” function – full power off (see video)
  3. Fix battery charging error “Insert / check batteries” ” batteries can not be charged»
  4. Replacing the stock (Chinese) WiFi NEC card to the original D-Link used in the original SDConnect multiplexers. The original D-Link card provides a much more stable Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Calibration of battery charge current.
  6. Calibration of the measurement of the external supply voltage (elimination of a false signal about the low voltage of the car)
  7. Update the multiplexer with the latest firmware
  8. Install the battery.
  9. Mandatory test of self-diagnosis of the multiplexer using the original Mercedes test adapter.


Read more about the completion of Full upgrade in the material Star Diagnosis C4 (SD Connect)