Upgrade Star Diagnosis C3.

Upgrade Star Diagnosis C3 to truck support (8 – 40 V).

All of our multiplexer Star Diagnosis C3 undergone a rigorous testing, analysis and competent upgrade for working with track and cars. As a result, we can guarantee reliable operation in a range of on-Board voltages from 8V to 40V.

We also propose you to produce modifications of your multiplexer. Once finalized, you can be confident in the reliability of your scanner, Star C3.

When working with diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis C3, it is necessary to consider that the majority of multiplexer Star C3 Chinese production is not designed for voltages over 16 volts. In other words its are not suitable for freight transport. Scanners Star C3 Chinese production is available in several versions. Modification of car scanners Star C3, which have the support freight transport (24 – 30V) is less than ten percent of the total amount produced in China multiplexers Star Diagnosis c3. Most multiplexers manufactured in China currently, are not suitable for working with on-Board voltage of 24V (truck diagnostic).


Despite the fact that all Chinese multiplexers Star Diagnosis C3 have stickers “12 – 24V”, none of the versions produced at the moment does not have support for 24V (trucks). Information about that red color of the connector of the main unit indicates whether the device support a cargo or cars only, is not true.

Scanners Star C3 with red connectors really have some improvement in the power supply circuit in comparison of the multiplexers with blue connectors. But this revision was performed technically not correctly. So circuitry Star C3 with red connectors also not ensures continuous operation of the device at a vehicle voltage over 16 volts. Hence the numerous cases of breakage of the scan tool Star C3 with red connectors.

Our experience modification and repair of the multiplexer Star C3 can confidently say that the color of the connectors and information on the label does not indicate the ability of devices to work with the cargo transport.

In order, to guarantee reliable operation of diagnostic equipment Mercedes Star C3, requires careful analysis and competent completion (upgrade) of the diagram of the multiplexer.