“Star Diagnosis” (stardiag.net) specialization :

Main areas of the site “Star Diagnosis” :

  • review of current equipment maintenance (diagnostics) automotive electronics from the leading manufacturers in China (scanners, adapters for auto diagnostic). The focus on equipment Mercedes Star Diagnosis C3 (StarDiag), SD Connect C4.
  • after factory check and completion of equipment (vehicles diagnostic tools of Chinese production is subject to mandatory testing, in some cases a partial improvement);
  • publication of descriptions of the technical specification of the presented products;
  • the study, development of algorithms for setup diagnostic software;

Site “StarDiag” presents:

the equipment with after factory improvements and validation. Here you can order a full set of diagnostic equipment Mercedes or a separate multiplexers (with or without cables). Also spare parts and components of diagnostic equipment Mercedes Star Diagnosis. Moreover, we offer services for updating and enhancement of your equipment:

  • unlocking, update firmware, change serial number of Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4 ;
  • modification of the algorithm of the control circuit power supply (battery management) SD Connect C4;
  • improvement multiplexer Star C3 for stable operation with freight vehicles.

The order may be issued by phone/viber/whatsapp, also via email or the feedback form on the contact page. After placing your order we will contact You to confirm your order.

Warning :

The use of presented on the website, equipment means that the user has sufficient knowledge in the field of electronics, devices, car and computer knowledge at the level of a confident user. Use the equipment presented on the website, requires that the user has sufficient knowledge in the field of electronics,the structure of the car and computer knowledge at the level of a confident user. Functionality dealer diagnostic equipment allow us to make changes to the global settings of control units. Change settings or encodings may cause non correct operation of the electronic control units or to the complete not operability.

The user assumes all responsibility for the result of any performed procedures using diagnostic equipment.