DoIP kit SD Connect C4. + clear SN

DoIP kit adds the DoIP function for the SDConnect C4 Multiplexer + clear serial number.

  • 100% working DoIP 
  • works with ordinary OBD 16 pin cable
  • the multiplexer will have a clean serial number

The DoIP kit allows you to add DoIP mode to any Chinese SD Connect C4 multiplexer.

The refinement procedure is relatively simple, does not require in-depth knowledge in the field of electronics and high soldering skills.

The procedure is to

  • installation (soldering) of one connector for a flexible cable
  • replacing two smd chips (soldering)
  • replacing a connector module (complete with DoIP board)

As a result

  • all previously present functions are saved
  • the DoIP function appears
  • the device has a white serial number (guarantee against blocking)