Mercedes SDConnect C4 Modified relay board pcb. Shutdown mode.

Modified SD Connect C4 relay board. shutdown function. Relay Board SD Connect.

The revision includes:

  • replacement of the sleep mode with the full shutdown mode (excludes battery discharge);
  • replacement of electrolytic capacitors with ceramic ones;
  • replacement of analog multiplexers with ADG426;
  • replacement of the battery charge controller with the original;
  • calibration of vehicle on-board voltage measurement (false low voltage error);
  • elimination of errors on batteries;

In addition, replacing the relay board eliminates the following multiplexer malfunctions:

  • not detecting individual vehicle blocks
  • self-test error of the multiplexer – UART Test 8
  • internal battery charging error (selftest – PMPic 8)
  • lack of any reaction when power is applied

The procedure for replacing the board is simple and does not require any special equipment and skills in repairing microprocessor devices.