SD Connect C4. Easy, stable Wi-Fi connection (for any laptop). With batteries.

SD Connect C4. Easy and more stable Wi-Fi connection (can work with any laptop).

With batteries.

SDConnect of this version supports all functions of the dealer diagnostic SDConnect C4. It has all the after-sales improvements, like all of our devices:

  • firmware of a unique serial number
  • shutdown functions
  • elimination of battery errors
  • calibration of the battery charge current
  • measurements of external supply voltage
  • and etc. more.

The main difference is the Wi-Fi + LAN module. This module supports a normal (simple) Wi-Fi connection to a laptop. This Wi-Fi + LAN module provides work with any laptop.

You just need:

  • to select the network ID “StarDiag_xxx” in the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  • enter the password: 12345678
  • For the laptop’s Wi-Fi adapter, you can to enter the IP address or choose “Obtain an IP address automatically”


Immediately after switching on (booting), the multiplexer creates a “StarDiag_xxx” network and is ready to connect via Wi-Fi. When a LAN cable is connected, SDConnect automatically switches to cable operation. Important: when turning on the LAN cable must be disconnected.

Unlike regular multiplexers, the Wi-Fi adapter installed in this version has a more stable connection to laptops. This provides higher speed and longer range of stable operation. The device loading time is reduced from 25 to 15 seconds.

It must be borne in mind that the presence of this Wi-Fi module can make it difficult to install the DoIP module (if you need one in the future).