Mercedes SD Connect C4. Switching Wi-Fi channels if not stable wireless connection.

Switching Wi-Fi channels if not stable wireless connection between the multiplexer SD Connect C4 and laptop. For Road24h mode.

Wireless connection Wi-Fi has 14 channels. Depending on the country, the number of permitted channels may be reduced. So for example Ukraine and Russia are used 13 channels. For some WiFi adapters are available on 11 channels only. Often, in the presence of a lot of number WiFi networks, all channels are involved. Moreover, each channel can operate multiple devices at the same time, it creates instability of equipment operation. In particular, in the case of multiplexer SD Connect, when congestion currently used channel or if there is other interference, you may experience slow operation or an intermittent open WiFi connections. In this case, it is advisable to change the channel number. This can be make in the settings of the WiFi adapter of the laptop. To do this, go to the folder “network connections”, right-click on “wireless connection”/ properties / configure / advanced. In the left column, find the line “Channel Ad Hoc 802.1 b/g” in the right column/window will appear to enter (select) a channel number. See screenshot:

Change channel number to any another one, different of the default, and confirm all Windows with “OK”. Changes do not always immediately take effect, it is desirable to restart the laptop. If after download the laptop WiFi connection to the multiplexer is not established automatically, restarting the multiplexer. Not the fact that the selected channel will be less congested than the previous one, in this case, the procedure must be repeated. There are programs-scanners, allowing to estimate the workload of Wi-Fi channels, but usually experimentally possible to find a relatively free channel.