Laptops for vehicle diagnostics

This section presents laptops for diagnose vehicles with installed, configured software diagnostics.
Given the high complexity of the installation of some programs for the diagnosis of DAS Xentry WIS EPC, it is advisable to get a laptop with already installed and configured the software. In this case, you are guaranteed to have the ability to immediately start working without wasting time for studying the installation of diagnostic programs, which change in each new version.
The acquisition of diagnostic programs on all types of media, as hard drive or DVD set is not feasible, because firstly, all the programs have on the Internet in free access, and in the second case of distributions does not solve the basic problem, the problem of installation. It is the process of installation is a major difficulty.
That’s why the only right choice – to buy a full range of diagnostic equipment: multiplexer + laptop with installed, configured software.

Lenovo T430s (Core i5) with software Mercedes.

 Lenovo T430s THIN AND LIGHT 14″ LAPTOP possible option with SSD (240 GB) instead of HDD: +60 USD The carbon-fiber

star diagnosis

Dell Latitude E6430 (Core i5) with software Mercedes.

 Laptop Dell Latitude E6430 with Installed diagnostic software Xentry Merecedes / XDOS, DAS, WIS, EPC, StarFinder, Vediamo. possible option with

star diagnosis

Dell Latitude E5420 (Core i5, enhanced battery). Software Mercedes.

Laptop Dell Latitude E5420 (Core i5 processor, enhanced battery). Installed diagnostic software Xentry Merecedes / XDOS, DAS, WIS, EPC, StarFinder,

star diagnosis

Laptop Lenovo T410 (Core I5, reinforced battery) Installed Mercedes diagnostic software.

Lenovo T410 (Core I5). With enhanced battery. Laptop with installed diagnostic software for Mercedes. possible option with SSD (240 GB)

star diagnosis

Lenovo ThinkPad T410s (Core i5). Laptop for diagnosis Mercedes.

Lenovo ThinkPad T410s (Core i5). Laptop for diagnosis vehicles Mercedes. Lenovo ThinkPad T410s high performance (Core i5), lightweight (1.5 kg), 14-inch,

star diagnosis

Laptop Dell620 Dell630 for the diagnosis of vehicles Mercedes.

Laptop Dell 620 Dell 630 with the installed software Mercedes Xentry/DAS,WIS, EPC. Intended to diagnose Mercedes cars (the whole range),

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