SD Connect cable 14 pin. (pinout)

Mercedes diagnostic cable 14 pin  for multiplexer SDConnect C4.

14 pin cable is used for the diagnosis of vehicles Mercedes mostly produced before 2000. Such as the Mercedes Sprinter.


Cable multiplexers SD Connect of the first and second type are compatible, but have different marking of the contacts (carefully see photo):


SDConnect Type 1

SDConnect Type2

14 pin connector

signal description

A A 1  ground (-) of the thirty-first circuit
B B 2  output power supply (+) the fifteenth circuit
C C 3  the power output of the thirtieth circuit
E E 4  K-line immobilizer is on-Sprinter (EWS) and K-line engine block and common PC on MB trucks (Actros, Atego)
F F 5  tach signal (RPM Signal) — monitor engine speed
G G 6  K-line ECU (ECU) autopilot systems (APS)
H H 7  K-line ECU anti-theft warning system (EDW)
G G 8  K-line ECU airbag (AirBag AB)
K K 9  K-line ECU automatic transmission
M L 10  K-line ECU (CL), HZR, ADR management system Central locking
N M 11  K-line ECU of a heating system
P N 12  K-line ECU (KI, IC), FTCO dashboard
Q P 13  K-line ECU ABS/ABD/EDL
W W 14  K-line ECU (ECU) of the engine on Mercedes Sprinter