Laptop Lenovo T410 (Core I5, reinforced battery) Installed Mercedes diagnostic software.

Lenovo T410 (Core I5). With enhanced battery. Laptop with installed diagnostic software for Mercedes.

possible option with SSD (240 GB) instead of HDD: +60 USD

Installed a full set of diagnostic software Mercedes (Xentry (XDOS), DAS, WIS, EPC, Vediamo, StarFinder). The laptop is designed to work with the dealer diagnostic scanner (multiplexer) Star Diagnosis C3 and SD Connect.

Made in the traditional style of IBM. Legendary quality and reliability IBM.

The laptop works with dealer diagnostic scanner (multiplexer) Mercedes Star Diagnosis C3, SD Connect C4.


Technical condition:

  • Display 14 inch matte LED
  • Intel Core I5 2.4 ghz
  • RAM DDR3 4gb
  • 250 HDD — 320 GB possible option with SSD (240 GB) instead of HDD: +60 USD
  • Battery reinforced, wear not more than 20% (3 – 5 hours)