eCOM Xentry (XDOS) Patch

eCOM Xentry (XDOS) Patch

for multiplexer eCOM (Chinese clone) serial number 20xxxx . Not for original!

By default,  software Xentry (XDOS) does not work with the eСOM multiplexer. If without changing the program, you try to work with eСOM in Xentry, then you will see such errors:

The presented patch allows you to make all the necessary changes for Xentry compatibility with eCOM by one click.

You do not need this USB dongle anymore:

  • To use the eCOM multiplayer with the Xentry XDOS software, first of all, write  IP address in accordance with the screenshot:
  • Next just to run patch.
  • Important: your eCOM must have firmware version Linux 1.9 and CSD 1.22 .

If your ECOM has a different firmware version, then you need to reflash your device to the correct version. To do this, after applying the patch, open the SDConnect-toolkit-Administration / update tab. You will see that there are three service packs.

Perform updates in the following order:

  1. BootImageDowngrade-0.9.20150205-eCom,FusoConnect
  2. BootImage-1.9.20110302-eCom,FusoConnect
  3. CommandServer-1.22.20110727-eCom,FusoConnect

Links for download patches (The patch does not contain viruses):